The first step toward a life of contentment realizing that you already have enough. Everything beyond shelter, clothing, warmth, food and a place to rest is extra. Wealth is not measured by money in the bank; but by safety, shelter and sustenance. Enough is the sweet spot you find between too little and too much. … Continue reading Content

Endless Tomorrows

Three years ago I made the decision that I wanted to take control of my health and lose weight. Getting up from my couch, I went to my fridge and poured the two liter bottle of soda down the drain and cleared out all of the meat. Having one more steak dinner or glass of … Continue reading Endless Tomorrows

Glowing Rectangles

Most of us own several of them. We are greeted by the radiating glow in the morning and are tucked in with piercing light in the evening. Whether this be a watch, phone, computer, television, car monitor, camera, or billboard these glowing rectangles are omnipresent. My smart phone and computer as tools have given me … Continue reading Glowing Rectangles

Every Morning

Every morning I do the same thing. I get dressed, put on my boots, open up my meditative text, read, spend 15 minutes in silent meditation, silent prayers, journaling, cook breakfast, eat breakfast, drink coffee, do the dishes, read from a book, brush my teeth, make the bed, kiss my wife, pet my cats, drive … Continue reading Every Morning